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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Surplus Grade & Miniature Tigers

This outfit was very impromptu. I was surprised everyone I ran into today loved it. I think it was the way I was wearing it and less what I was wearing. I admit the jewelry looked really good together, but it boggles me how people reacted to my clothes today.
Wow, I had some pale lips in that one. 
The purple (and yes, it's purple) shirt is actually a cocktail dress I tucked into my olive-green military-grade thrifted surplus high waist cargo shorts. The long-sleeve shirt is sheer up close, and it's one of my faves. Pretty much everything I'm wearing was, as usual, thrifted except for the American Eagle ankle boots. Those were expensive as hell. 


Click the picture above for the link to their page. 
Here's a banned Doritos commerical.

Here's a banned Doritos commerical.

Not gonna lie, today was a big steaming pile of suck. Well, at least the evening was, to be fair. I didn't sleep well, which is my fault but still sucked. This whole past week I've slept very poorly, but it's because I've been doing my homework too late at night. I think it's Senioritis catching up with me ): Then during swimming, Mike was gone again, so I haven't spoken to him much the past two weeks. For those of you who don't know, Mike is my first serious crush in forever. (I can count my crushes on ten fingers, but still, this one is pretty serious) And then because I enlisted in the USAF last month, I had to come in to see my recruiter to sign some paperwork, but I was stranded there for two hours afterward because I didn't have a ride afterward, since my recruiter made it sound like I was going to be in his office for a long time and my ride had errands to run. I could have just walked in, signed my name and walked out and NOT been stuck there all day. Because of this, I missed my school's talent show, which my friend was in. I also missed some real estate appointments. I also was late for work. Did I mention that someone stole a book of mine?
But I'm just whining. It wasn't a horrible day, not really, but I think if I hadn't missed the talent show or been stranded for so long, I wouldn't mind. 
Nice to have that off my shoulders. Moving on.


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