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Friday, April 25, 2014

Red/Blue Stripes & Respect

I wore this outfit a long time ago and was so proud of it and how it clashed, and it felt so sexy. But looking at the way it fits me, I don't know. It doesn't look as flattering as last time, and I know I haven't gained any weight. Maybe it's partly the hair, since last time I had it up. Or maybe I drank a bunch of water before this. I think I might cut the shorts shorter...

A wondrous street in Germany.
Oh science, how funny art thou?

Below is a series of commercial vids I find very funny and honest. Enjoy.

No no, I have no intention of featuring patriotic music just because I'm sporting red and blue today. I actually had no idea what to feature. So I settled for a classical classic (I mean, it's not THAT classic, but it's let's just say it's hardly on the radio anymore). I certainly myself still have respect for the hugely famous Aretha Franklin--I just used two puns, you're supposed to laugh. Here's "Respect" by Miz Franklin.
*not literally miz, I'm just being facetious*


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