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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Overalls & The Ballad of Love and Hate

I felt positively giggly today. Things aren't perfect with me (they never are) but I'm proud to say I'm a person who swings back from any negative situation. I'm just naturally inclined toward joy, and it's not always easy to maintain, and today was one of the harder days, but overall I was pretty jazzed.

I bought these overalls a size 32, full length in men's and had to crop and fold the hems, as well as take in three inches on both sides of the hips. My idea was to buy patches to color 'em up, but after a few months I said to hell with it all and just wore the thing.

I had no plans to feature two videos today, but hey, shit happens.
This video is like Pay It Forward. And when you see all the little things people do for each other, and the things no one thought to do, and how one kind act inspires another, and how far it ripples, it's moving. My mom has become cynical in people--many of us have--and she thinks me naive because I don't think people are inherently bastards. I think they can be--no one is good to their core or irrevocably evil, and I won't change my mind until I see that there are no more halfway decent humans left on the planet. I believe that if people were truly inclined toward bad all the time, then God would not have let us live this long. We wouldn't have been able to survive this long. I can't start thinking the worst of people yet, not this early in life. And this video stuck with me because of that.
This song, "Give a Little Love," by the wonderful band Noah and the Whale, would be nothing without its accompanying video.

 A random street in Germany. 
I'm not sorry about the upper caption. The message is not obstructed so as to be unclear. 
This quote pretty much sums up my life.

The music I chose today is by The Avett Brothers, a genre-less band where its members aren't actually brothers. False advertisement, if you ask me. The song I chose by them (the only one I know) is called "The Ballad of Love and Hate," and I think it's one of those songs you'll either love because you're a romantic, or despise because it sounds childish. Anyway, I like it. It's different.
The video below has the song, but the vid itself is a college freshmen project from some random school and does not belong to the band. 


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