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Friday, April 4, 2014

Cosplay Skirt, Tegan & Sarah

Being broke lately, I've been subsisting on toast. Buttered toast, plain toast, jam and toast, peanut butter jam toast, toasted toast. And tea. So today I went shopping for food and bought EVERYTHING.
Battered mushrooms, zuchini, green beans, coffee, egg rolls, ramen noodles, crab salad, etc. While I was out, I was wearing this outfit and I was amazed at how many people looked at me like look at that freaking slut. And even more amazed with myself for looking them dead in the eye like keep steppin'. 
But that aside, I ate mushroom and green beans and coffee, and now I am sated.

All day my friends pestered me about this outfit. I think it was the heel's height coupled with the middriff showing, but they kept making hooker jokes. It didn't offend me really, because hookers don't wear tights, show more skin, and damn sure don't wear ruffled skirts. It hides too much of their curves.
But all that made me think... wow. We're all conditioned to think the worst about a person based on how they dress. And sometimes those assumptions are correct, but it just strikes me how our society has trained us to think and behave.

I remember when I first heard Tegan & Sarah, the twin sister indie rockers from Canada, and how none of my friends liked them. Bet in two years, everyone will be like TEGAN & SARAH FOR THE WIN.
Here's Teagan & Sarah's "Goodbye." 

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