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Monday, April 7, 2014

Collar, Graphic Tee, & Renegade

My sad little admittance is that I fantasize about abandoning my blog already, since I know one day I'll wake up and say "I don't feel like dressing up" and I'll never design another outfit again. But that fantasy is showing signs of remaining a fantasy, as chictopia and lookbook will never lack for inspiration. But fear not for at least another year and a half--I have this idea of designing at least 365 outfits before I really consider letting the blog go. It's all circumstantial.

I was so pleased when I put it on this morning. See, retard that I am, I have a clothes diary with all my ideas in it, and I go through there in the mornings and say "What do I feel like wearing today? Do I wanna be punk? Do my feet feel heel-ready? Do I have the insatiable urge to wear hot pink?" (the answer to the latter is almost always no, mind you). And on this day I did my normal routine and thought I could give this design a try. I put the graphic tee over the blouse and immediately loved the look. I maintain that the creeper sandals perfected the outfit.
Daily photo feed!
I wish I didn't know what they're talking about.
Don't we all?

I awwwed at this. 
If you play Sims (and hope fully you do or else you're dead to me), you can make your sim--or any, for that matter--tell another sim a joke. They pretty much always tell the same joke, ending it in GLARCH! and everyone bursts out laughing. 
I love it when teachers do this. My math teacher--who I swear to god is not firing on all cylinders--is weird like that. Last month while he was giving notes, my unecessarily talkative peers demanded to know why the variable was X. Who decided that? Hmmm? Why? Why not G? Or L? Or V? 
He responded that V stood for something else. We all pretty much lost our shit. 

I thought you guys might like a funny video.
It begs the question.... how much Drowning Pool has this conure heard?

And for the main attraction. I've grown exceedingly fond of this band called Styx, who I heard first on Supernatural season 4, I think. They're a 70s/80s American Chicagoan (if that's really a thing) band. Don't know them? If you've ever heard "Mr. Roboto," then you have. The lyrics of that song bother me now that I know Japanese, and know that 'doomo arigato' means literally 'thank you.' They also did "Come Sail Away." You know? With those repetetive lyrics that go come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with meeeeee! 
This song is called "Renegade," my favorite by them. 


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