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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Camo & War

I wore this outfit so long ago. But it was the first time I'd ever worn strictly leggings like they were pants, and the first time I'd worn these camouflage leggings. I wish I had another scarf, but this floral black one does the job fine. 

My friend that day almost earned a smacking because he wasn't trying hard enough not to stare at my ass.
I mean if it was someone else, fine, I guess I would have earned it for wearing these in the first place, but him? He's supposed to have respect for me. He loves it when I wear leggings, and forgets he has a girlfriend
My childhood has been altered.

That is such a dick move. I approve. 

I think this is sad, but also inspiring. Sad, because we all know he'll never look like a stag, but inspiring because he's still trying. 

I think this is the sweetest thing. But I also think he's sort of silly, because honestly, people in the gym don't care what you're doing because they're too busy working out, and you won't care that they're judging you because you're too busy working out. 

Okay, let's do this.
This song I'm sure we're all familiar with. It's a 1969 Motown label vinyl that was a historical debut, written by Norman Whitefield and Barret Strong. It was written during Vietnam and was anti-war, clearly. It was released again by popular demand as a single by Edwin Starr, covering the song. His version became one of the most popular protest songs of all time, recorded at the perfect time and with such passion in his voice that you could could definitely see his POV. His version is just so powerful, louder, just better. This song has been featured in at least a dozen movies. 
Here's "War," by Edwin Starr. Enjoy.

I love this song. Fan freaking tastic. 

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