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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

18 & I'll Follow You Into the Dark

Eighteen years ago today, I was born. (today being march 25, since I wrote this post weeks ago)
Finally a legal adult *partytime*
My full intent here was to look hippie. But not a colorful hippie, no-sirree, but a semi-grunge hippie. I think I succeeded.

I had to have worn at least 8 bracelets altogether, as well as three belts. 
The circlet was rawhide and from a craft project kit. 


I've never seen The Other Guys, but I found this quote and I thought it was funny, so.

I know some girls deeply despise jokes like this, but I think it's funny because I recognize that it is, in fact, just a joke. And pretty true, in a lot of cases. 
Well, I despise feminists. They can usually be identified if they admire Marilyn Monroe. 
Look sideways and you'll see it.
Not gonna lie, that is SUPER cool, but... what the hell would you lock with it?

My music today is my favorite song. I refuse to let any other replace this one in my heart. I hope to write a story about it, one day, but I want that story to touch others the way this song has touched me. I've never listened to a song as much as this one, nor felt a song so deeply in my soul... nor felt so sad from a song. I'll stop talking about it now. I don't think I have enough words for it, anyway.
Death Cab for Cutie, "I'll Follow You Into the Dark."


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