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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tie Dye Hippie & Lost In My Mind

Last August I got to be a youth counselor for young girls. The experience was absolutely great, but at some point we painted one of the cabins red and one of the girls touched my formerly white sweater with paint. It looked gross, so I went to the art cabin and tye dyed the sweater to detract from the red stain, and then I cut the collar off. 

I'm positive the second belt is from a play costume. 

Here's some intelligent humor to make your day. 

This kid is a freakin' genius. 
Anyway, very recently I saw the English dubbed 1990 movie Cyrano de Bergerac, based on the semi-true story of Bergerac's life. It's in French and their terminology and expressions are different for the era (17th century). It's about Cyrano, who is a dramatist and duelist, intelligent and poetic, but portrayed to have a large nose so he's not very handsome. He's terribly in love with his second cousin, Roxanne, but she has two requirements of her men--that they're handsome and poetic, and he only meets one. But Christian, a mostly unskilled nobleman (I think) and looks a bit like Orlando Bloom is very handsome and without a poetic bone in his body. Seriously, he tried some poetry and compared her to honey cake. How about no. 
Anyway, Cyrano and Christian come up with the "brilliant" plan of making her fall in love with Christian for his looks while sending her poetic letters written by Cyrano and signed by Christian. 
It's a great movie, even though the last scene was longwinded, and it was funny and sweet. 
I recommend. 
You should totally watch it.

Moving on. The music of today is by the singularly adorable indie-folk band The Head & The Heart.
Here's one of their songs, "Lost In My Mind."


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