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Monday, March 3, 2014

Peter Pan Collar Dress & Mean

I'm probably going to wear this dress twice more before I'll stop wearing it for a while. I've been wanting to wear this with these creeper sandals for literally ever. 

I've been thinking about sharing this video for a long time, but there hasn't been an apt place to feature it. But today, I chose a song about bullying, so this is a good place to post it.
The video below is sort of long winded, but believe me, after two minutes in, you'll lose track of time. It's a spoken word poem called "To This Day," by Shane Koyczan. Spoken word is a branch of poetry that's half monologue half poetry. Be forewarned, if you've ever suffered bullying, this video will touch you in the feels. As for me, when I first saw it about a year and a half ago, I had a mini panic attack and started crying uncontrollably. But it really is a good poem.
I hope you liked it, at least a little. The thing about "To This Day" is that he comes at you slowly, like boiling a frog in tepid water and slowly heating it. Then he throws you off by talking about bullying. Then he enraptures you by telling you 'I know how you felt and how you buried it, you can't hide it from me,' and forces you to relive every lonely, sad, desperate moment we dealt with growing up. And then he says '...I'm sorry you felt this way. You're better than they say; you're beautiful. Keep fighting.' 
I hope you're not feeling catatonic from post-emotional breakdown.
I'll make it up to you by giving you some cool pics

I usually draw the line at posting models or other people's outfits in my posts. But I really liked this photo for some reason. 

I hope you're recovered from watching "To This Day," because I feel the overwhelming need to post this song from Avatar: The Last Bender, season 2 episode 15 "Tales of Ba Sing Se." I really like this song because... I don't know. I just do. 
Plus, Avatar is the shit, so why not post this?

Anyway, enough finaggling. For the music, I chose "Mean," by Taylor Swift. I adore this song, it both hurts and heals, which it why I posted "To This Day" earlier. 

Thanks for reading my posts, guys. There aren't very many of you, but that's okay. :D

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