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Monday, March 24, 2014

Knit Hoodie & 1985

This really doesn't count as an outfit. I think I've just been taking photos of my normal clothes instead of my actual dress-up clothes.

But I do look great in these pants, don't I?
Yes, Ash. Yes you do.
Oh, stahp, you're making me blush.
I love those Ohyou memes. There's, like, a hundred of them. 

Here are my random findings of the day. 
 For those of you uneducated hicks who don't know because you've been living under a rock, Helen Keller was blind and deaf. 

 It's all the roar on the web about that one episode from Doctor Who called "Don't Blink (Weeping Angels)
about angel statues who only move when you blink or look away.
 Anyway, it's the in thing now to make a slideshow desktop background with pictures of the statues on security cameras, and with every picture, they seem to get closer. The purpose is the freak the hell out of someone who's using your computer. I did this a while back, and the sequence looked like this. 
The two animated ones don't move on the desktop, and the minutes on the bottom right hand don't add up in that order, but oh well. I'm a geek. There's really no help for it. 

Here's a quickie (mind out of the gutter, pervs) fun vid.

As for music. I've been dying to post anything by Bowling For Soup, a 90's band. Here's a great song by those guys, "19-19-1985." Actually, it's just "1985," but once you hear the song you'll know why I did that.

here's where we part ways

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