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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Greaser & A Million Ways To Be Cruel

I. Lost. My lipstick. 
I can't even--my world is--that's my signature makeup--I just--
That was me displaying my displeasure at having lost my crimson lipstick. I've got some other substitute, but I'm not too keen on telling the world what it is.

This outfit was inspired by my semi-recent watching of Grease. It was the coolest cheesy musical, and I just loved it. Anyway, I planned on wearing this outfit for a long time, and here it is.

Here's a pic from a Doctor Who episodes. 
Snowmen will dominate the North. 

 And all without a drop of photoshop.

Here's fanart meshing Dexter (TV series about a magnificent serial killer played by Michael C. Hall) 
 and Dexter's Laboratory (cartoon).
Last year at my state's fair we got to see an anatomy museum, with mannequins whose muscles and skin peeled to show the different layers and how they overlap, and organs were taxedermied/whatnot, and a lot of people said it was creepy, but I found it to be incredible and educational.

The ideal music for this outfit would be "You're the One That I Want," from Grease, but I already featured that months ago, so here's Ok Go's "A Million Ways To Be Cruel," in their well choreographed and yet really simple music video. I swear to God, all their vids are just them screwing around.
This looks like an applicable place to put a somewhat long, very allegory vid on here. If you're not interested, this is the end of the post so move along, but I think its idea is very cool.
Here's "The Backwater Gospel," short story video.

~dat Ash kid

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