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Friday, March 21, 2014

Dem Hips & Accidentally In Love

This outfit was planned a long time ago, and I am very pleased to have finally worn it. I liked how the shorts made my hips look. Hence the title. 

 This pic... is WWII when soldiers were coming back from war. 

 Me: *drinking juice and reading pic*
Me: *starting to swallow, doesning get the pic, looks down at pork chops*

Below is a video safety advertisement for Autrailia Metro, sang by Tangerine Kitty. It's about death, but it's positively adorable.
It reminds me of Happy Tree Friends (I do not recommend, but hey, find and watch it at your own risk).

I'm not one for romances, but sometimes I just love that fuzzy feeling you get in romantic songs. So here's a plumby, cutesie song by Counting Crows, "Accidentally In Love."


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