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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

That Ruffled Dress & Boondock Saints

I did wear this dress sometime last month or so, and I did say I would wear it again. So here's me keeping my word and wearing this mucho coolio outfit.

I have two army-green colored bomber jackets like this, the other one which actually looks like a bomber jacket. This one is cut up, pierced, distressed and laced in the back. I saw it at a a thrift store and had to buy it.

I'm actually wearing two dresses in this. Sue me.

I like how the collar is pierced. Adds character to the jacket.

I found the picture below somewhere in the recesses of the net. I really like it because I can really relate to it. 

 Oh yes, Miss Clare. Yes indeed. 

Isn't this friggin' amazing? Would you just take a gander at them treads. This bike... has skiis. How amazing is that? Now drunk drivers can still ride bikes in winter. 

I was on facebook earlier and someone had tagged me in this video. I saw it years ago, but how strange it was that it still made me laugh.
Here's Llamas With Hats

Now for the gravy to the potatoes. The music I decided on today took a grand total of 2 months to think up (that's right. This post was created 2 months ago.) which is the grand record for my Posts Waiting List to date. Anyway, the song I chose is an Irish/Gaelic/Celtic instrumental (the second I've ever posted, I believe). It's a really beautiful song, depending on how open your ear is, and it's from the movie Boondock Saints. 

Boondock Saints is a 1999 film directed by Troy Duffy. It's about Connor and Murphy--fraternal twins--who kill some Russian mafia members and become vigilantes thereafter. But after a whole big clusterfuck of screw ups and unfortunate circumstances, they and their friend the FBI gets on their tails and chases them around. That's the gist of the movie. It was a really popular movie but had production problems so it's sort of underground, with a cult following. The director claims it was inspired by true events in his own life.

The song and the movie's namesake are remarkably beautiful for as grisly as the movie was. For the record, I absolutely do not recommend this movie. It was a good movie, true, but it was exceptionally violent, sexually explicit, and vocally vulger. If Girl With the Dragon Tattoo made you squeamish, this movie will make your sphincter tighten hard enough to break a finger. Unless you've a taste for that, steer clear. 
In light of that, the theme song is incredible.

Here's "Blood of cu Chulainn," by Mychael & Jeff Danna.

tune in next time!
(Did you know that phrase originated from the 1930s? Back then, there were no televisions, only radio broadcasting. Their television was some guy's voice describing scenes, almost like reading a book out loud. At the end of it he'd say 'to be continued! tune in next time', because you'd have to turn the radio dial and actually tune the channel for the following "episodes." Fun fact)

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