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Monday, February 10, 2014

Scrub Day & The Rolling Stones

This doesn't actually count as an outfit. This is my fuck-you-I'm-Iron-Man look.

Ah, Robert Downy Jr. 

Only for me it's more like fuck-you-it's-Friday-I'm-not-dressing-up-no look, since I'm not Iron Man.
A girl can dream, though.

Pardon the pose. I was listening to "Eye of the Tiger" and got inspired and one thing lead to another and...

Anyway, I think it's safe to say this is the real me. Jeans, sweater, slippers. Or the other real me is any me wearing excessive dark clothing and piercings. Some days, sweaters and slippers are needed.

I'm pretty hooked on Supernatural right now. It gets really good in season two (confession: I'm on season 6, so...) It can be dramatic and whiny, and sometime really cheesy with their shitty CGI explosions and crap. But usually it's really funny and the characters are cool and Kripke has some pretty cool ideas.

Here's a clip of one random funny scene from season two.

I've been finding all these great pictures and memes online and enjoying them, then letting them pass me by.
But I think from now on I might include a few cool photos and videos if/when I see them. Here's a few random ones from recently.

Isn't that beautiful? Can you imagine how much photo shop they had to use? And if they didn't... how much skill they must have?

 There's something about the simplicity of her vintage floral dress, the honesty of the background and the tall grass and her shoelessness that looks so ordinary that makes me think of too-bright suns, dusky unpaved rust-orange Wyoming roads and being a little girl in such a big world. Dunno why.
Don't I know it.

I read this thing and wrote a whole poem on it. I'm very proud of that poem. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I enjoyed finding them.

And as always, here's some music. If you don't like Rolling Stones, I don't like you. Here's "Laugh, I Nearly Died," by yours truly The Rolling Stones. 


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