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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rainbow Dress & Speak Now

I don't like too simple dresses. If they're simple but flattering, okay, but spending money on something I could have made by cutting up a sheet, no. This dress is what I consider to be simple. But the colors, the clash and collage of them, is so pretty, I can't help but love it. And it was only ten bucks, so win-win.
I can't believe there was a point in my life where I hated lace and floral. I must have been a dykey little tomboy. 
*note: the dyke thing is a joke. I'm using self-deprecating humor. It's not there to offend you, get over yourself, narcissists. 

Yes. That's right. I have animal cookie earrings.
If you look closely on the back, you can see little fingerprints from the Thai kids I bought these from.

Ahem. I found a very cool person on facebook today who suffers from Trichotillomania. For those of you who don't know, it's a pathological impulse control disorder, where the person with it pulls their hair out, bit by bit. I guess we've all got our quirks; I mean some people juggle geese.
*note 2: that was a Firefly reference, if you get it I love you.

Moving on. Her name is Beckie. She's pretty, fun, quirky, and hasn't committed suicide despite the challenges in her life. What more can you want in a girl?

Random topic change: check out these photos I "found"

WTF takes these photos?

Get it? Because nothing rhymes with orange. 

 Guys. This is literally a hanging restaurant. 
I already have the radio ad ready for them. "Tired of eating your fancy caviar on the ground? Well mix it up and come to Dinner In the Sky! Experienc eating on a steel platform suspended by cables, 50 feet off  the ground!"  
Are you not impressed?
That makes me think of another gif. 
I loved Gladiator so much. Russel Crowe is the boss.
Anyway, here's more sky-diner pics.

Not gonna lie, eating in the sky sounds really fantastic, but I'm a land creature, thanks. Next thing we know, they'll have underwater restaurants. 

The world would be a better place. 

Today I chose... wait for it...
Taylor Swift! And the feminine part of the crowd goes wild!

But seriously. 
I do like Taylor Swift's music. As for her person, I can't hate her since I don't know her, but if I had to judge from afar, I'd say she's a rich, shallow, too-pretty-for-any-guy's-good heartbreaker. She probably doesn't mean to be, but the devil is in the details. I honestly miss her old music, back before she discovered that being a pop artist would make her more popular (no pun intended). But despite myself, I've got to wonder, doesn't she have anything else to sing about? Don't get me wrong, her love songs are sweet and make me feel gooey inside on occasion, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph! All she sings about are breakups, unrequited love, or requited love, and she uses the same four chords with almost every song. Doesn't she like puppies? She could sing about that. Or maybe she could sing about, uh... God, I don't know, anything. I really love the songs that aren't directly related to love. My favorite songs by her are "Mean," "The Best Day," "Safe and Sound," and "The Way I Loved You," mostly because I relate to those songs. I mean, nearly every girl can relate to "Mine" or "December" or whatever. But I liked "Mean" because it talked about bullying in a positive way, and what with the bullying I've been dealt, I needed that song. I like "The Best Day" because I wish I had a dad. About three years ago I was listening to the song while painting and suddenly had to sit down, because I unearthed my ache for a father and I didn't even know I felt that way. "Safe and Sound" is a universal favorite, so I'll skip that one, and my reasons for liking "The Way I Loved You" are personal. But my point is, Swift is good at writing songs that don't revolve around men. 

In addition, if a woman that looks the way she does hasn't found a decent guy yet (with the 22 dudes she's already dated) I'm gonna take a gander and say the problem with her relationships is not the guys. 
Sigh. But I'm not here to rip on famous people, as fulfilling as that may be. I chose "Speak Now," since I like the story with it. Feel free to skip the song if you've already heard it/don't like it.

This has got to be the suckiest video I've ever posted. But I couldn't find a music vid.
No matter, the song's good.

Here's a funny video just because why not.

Golly, that was a long post. I sincerely hope you guys get my references, otherwise I might as well be speaking German at you. Unless of course you're, uh, German.

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