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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quasi-Formal & Zuit Suit Riot

 I'm currently in a military-prep program called NJROTC, and one day weekly we're required to don our uniforms and loafers and slick back our hair for inspection. But on this day they decided to let us off the hook and only required we wore formal clothes (which they sometimes do). On that day, I wore this outfit. I put on slacks when it was time for inspection, because naturally shorts would be a no-go.

Very proud of this. It's almost formal and yet the shorts add rebellion. I think so, anyway.

I've been watching Happy Days, and I know most people don't think Fonzie is funny, but I do, and I wanted to feature him. Why? Because fuck you that's why. 

As for music, I chose Zuit Suit Riot, a song by Brian Setzer Orchestra (Cherry Poppin' Daddies). 
A little backstory: the zoot suit riots started in 1943 around WWII in Cali. They were these riots between marines/sailors stationed in Cali and Latino (and sometimes black or Filipino) guys who wore zoot suits. The foreigners liked the suits and the military personell did not, as it was wartime and the suits seemed like a showy extravagance inappropriate for the time. It made the suit wearers seem 'unpatriotic'. If you ask me, it seems like you need a Y chromosome to get it, but whatever. 

Here are examples of zoot suits.

And here are some great pictures from the worldwide web

Here's "Zuit Suit Riot."


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