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Friday, February 14, 2014

Purple Pinup & Waves and the Both of Us

I feel like this is more of a clubbing dress meant for a really tall woman wearing very high heels. Ah, well. 

I suddenly recall buying this cocktail dress a few years back and my mum forcing me to promise never to wear it in public, since it's so close fitting. And yet here I am, disobedient vigilante adolescent that I am. No wonder the woman hates me. 

Here's the thing about posing outfits. You want to show off the outfit, which depends greatly on your angle and the person sporting the clothes, so standing there like a deadbeat all the time just doesn't cut it. But then, you run a fine line between looking like you're posing and looking like a poseur.
Take heart, my friends. I put lots of thought into these photos. Maybe too much.

 This quote really spoke to me. It has a universal-truth ring to it. And also... sometimes I forget that. That we're all burning in our own personal hells, and most of us are doing what we all do; our best. 

 As a self-proclaimed writer, I think this phrase is the epitome of all writers. Look at Sylvia Plath; wonderful writer, beautiful woman. Stuck her head in the oven in the 50's and turned it on, committing suicide because she was miserable. Or Edgar Alan Poe. We all think 'poor drunken bastard', but not one of us think that maybe he took nepenthe and alchohol to try to forget. It seems to me that writing is an author's only solace. And if we weren't all a little fucked up in the head, we wouldn't be able to write so well. 

Hells to the yes.

 "Don't try to order my thoughts, you'll just get tangled up..."
Were truer words ever spoken, dear Watson?

I saw They Live again, this old 80's movie that we all quote from and have no idea we're quoting from it.
Here's the original quote, from this fabulous scene in the underground movie, They Live.

Okay, okay, I've rambled enough. My music today feels perfect because this song makes me think of purple, and I'm wearing purple. I chose Charlotte Sometimes (who, by the way, I knew about long before The Voice). Her real name is Jessica Poland. She started her music career at 14 (like everyone else) but was diagnosed with condylar resorption, a disease that makes the patient's jaw... uh, break apart basically. She had two ribs removed to fix it, but it's not perfect. It really complicated her singing, but for what it's worth, she's got a gorgeous voice and she's truly beautiful.
The coolest fun fact about her, in my opinion, is where she coined her stage name. She didn't coin it, actually. Penelope Farmer did in 1969 by publishing her kids' novel Charlotte Sometimes, about a girl who gets her life swapped with another girl who exists 40 years in the past. She's Charlotte sometimes, but not always. 
It makes me wonder why Poland chose this as her stage name.
Anyway, the song I chose is called "Waves and the Both of Us," likely her debut song. I heard it years ago and was embarrassed to like it, because the lyrics sing about sex. Very blunt sex. There's literally no vail, no subterfuge, no mistakening those lyrics. But over the years, I've come to realize that it's a wonderful song. She's not singing about sex--she's singing about making love. About how it feels, and makes her and her lover feel, and how it moves her. Sex is just bodies and lust, but making love is something you can only do with someone you really care about. When you love the person you're with, while you're making love, your fun parts aren't the only thing that connects. 
I'll can it. Here's the song.


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