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Friday, February 21, 2014

Me, Supernatural, & Simple Math

Most people see me so often in skirts and lace and pumps that they get surprised when I'm wearing converse, jeans, a hoodie or a ponytail. Well, three years ago, you wouldn't have seen me in anything else, so it boggles me that people think I don't own anything street casual. Aside from my signature goth/punk (whichever floats your boat) attire, my usual look used to be anything grungy and tomboyish.

The simplicity of this outfit makes me think about Supernatural, the TV series I'm currently sort of almost maybe completely obsessed with. And because it amused me and because I can, here's a short video of Jensen Ackles derping around on set--lip singing to Eye of the Tiger--when he was supposed to be shooting a scene for an episode in season 4.

There. I am content. 
For the record, I'm not team Dean or team Sam. I love both the Winchester boys equally. 
As for Cas, well, I'm a Mishamigo, but let's just say that in my book, he's not even a contender. 

 I am so very sorry if someone walked by when you looked at that picture. I just think it's funny because I can think of a few people who would really say this crap. 
 A whale in the sky. 
 Oh me, today's post is just full of penis jokes. 
Here's some truly beautiful art. 

 Painfully true.

When I was younger, I didn't have anyone to take knot their fingers through mine and walk me through the hard times. So I had to do it myself. I remember I was an insomniac, so to go to bed at night, I'd shut my eyes and promise myself "Tomorrow, things will be better." 

For music, I chose a simple song for a simple outfit, a song I fell in love with for reasons I still haven't figured out. Manchester Orchestra, a band whose story is of insignificant note, named their band after the city of Manchester (no-brainer there) which is a town that seems to have inspired a bajillion bands (like The Verve, The Smiths, The Fall, Oasis, New Order, the list goes on)
Here's one of only a few songs I like by them,
"Simple Math."


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