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Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY DNA Dress & Neon Trees

This dress is a DIY from years ago (I say 'years ago' a lot). This shirt was really, really big. I was literally swimming in this shirt before I cut it up. I'd give a tutorial, but I don't feel like it.

D'aw, look at that flyaway hair on my head. 

Shoes from Punkrose. I've looked forever for shoes like these, and you just can't find them. These ones I had to put heel inserts in, to make them fit properly, since they're half a size too big.

This is a line from the theme song of Firefly, the epic space-cowboy by Joss Whedon (aka The God of Television Series) that was on Fox a few years ago before it was cancelled. The theme song is short and sweet, and adequately portrays the theme of this futuristic western. I always thought if I got this shirt, I'd have them put DUR DUR DUR DUR DU DU DURRR on the back, and it would look retarded as hell, but true Firefly fans would catch on. (the 'dur' sequence is the song's guitar solo at the end)

Here's the theme song. 

Below is what I think a very interesting picture by a fellow DeviantArtist. Click the picture for a link to their page.

I chose a song from Neon Trees, a somewhat mainstream band. The song I chose was "In the Next Room," a song that is SO talking about sex, and yet does it in such an exciting way that you don't even feel guilty while listening to it.


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