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Friday, January 24, 2014

Mundane Look & Drive By

Ooooh look, she doesn't look like an anime character!

I don't really like infinity scarves. But it seems that whenever I decide to actively dislike something, as if by some intrinsic twist of fate trying to change my mind, someone buys me one and I then have no choice but to like it. Case in point--my panda pillow pet.

I love these rusty-orange pants. And I can't count on two hands and feet how many compliments these boots have earned me.

This shirt is a DIY I did forever ago when a wild impulse hand-puppeted me into stealing one of my mother's sweaters and cutting off five inches of neckline.

But enough about clothes, on to the music.

While I'm being mundane, why the hell not pick a mainstream song?
Here's "Drive By" by Train, which you've all heard before unless you just came out of the Alaska bush to start your life in the city.


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