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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Halloween Sweater & Ghost Towns

Sorry about the reprieve. I haven't forgotten to post, I promise (well, I've forgotten, but not on purpose((okay, definitely on purpose. What can I say? I've got a life))

I'll be frank, I don't know WTF my face thought it was doing in this picture. It's very literallty a crooked smile. 

Or here. Batman pancakes, what was my face doing?

This synthetic flower in my hair is my pathetic attempt at making my hair reasonably aesthetically appealing.

 This halloween sweater is my mom's, and it's ugly, but it's very warm and soft, so that's a redeeming quality. 
I actually don't like this picture, but it really didn't seem to be hurting me any, so I left it.

This leather coat, the ripped shorts and tights, the many rings and combat boots are all products of my recent inspiration for the grunge look. But I didn't want to be rid totally of my hipster signature look, so I combined them with this vintage sweater, hoping for a vintage-hipster-grunge look.
Now that you've suffered through my equally pathetic attempts at scrutinization of my outfits and colloquy, here's the music. 
The band today is less of a band and more of a composer. Ben Cooper named his one man band after a flyer he saw that said 'Radical Face', then later realized it was an ad for plastic surgery and the full phrase was 'radical face lift' but the last word was ripped off. But for as impromptu and carelessly as he named himself, his many songs are all unique and fit the bill of every genre so well, he actually isn't considered indie or electronic or folk or anything. The very first song I ever heard from him was "Welcome Home," an incredible but simplistic song. But the one I want to feature is much sadder, just because of the tune even if you don't factor in the depth of the lyrics. May I not depress you with "Ghost Towns," by Radical Face.

I'm sorry if that left you sad. It always leaves me a bit sad. But I chose it because I've been stuck on his music lately, and this song makes me think of the color orange, which is what I'm wearing today. 

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