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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fur Boots & Robinhood

These fur boots were originally my mothers. She bought them too small and gave them to me, which makes me feel bad since she had been so excited to buy them and so disappointed when they came in. I told her she should send them back and find another pair (that company didn't have her size, she bought the biggest size they had) She didn't want to go through all that, so...
Anyway, they've grown on me. They're cute.

As for this vest, I bought it a size too big on ebay. I looked in thrift stores for it, but they were always more than I was willing to pay or too big or both. I figured I could trust online shopping; after all, this was a size medium, not my size, but close. But I didn't realize it was a medium in women's--I wear everything petite in womens' and medium in juniors. So I'll just take some time out of my break from school to take it in at the sides so it fits less like a tunic and more like a vest.
This is how I feel when I wear it:

Now the music.
Ohmaigawd ohmaigawd ohmaigawd. 
Okay, I'll start at the beginning. Last year (almost two years now) I went down to Chicago for my brother's graduation from Navy bootcamp. I bought the 2011 remake of "Robinhood" starring Russel Crowe. I mean, c'mon, who dosen't appreciate Crowe, especially after Gladiator? I planned to watch it on the plane. However, my seat was right next to an engine and I couldn't hear jack shit. I'm still really confused about some keys of the plot. But you know what I did hear? I heard this epic, incredible song by Marc Streitenfeld, with fiddles and acapella vocals and orchestra in the background. It transported me to a different realm. It inspired a story that one day I'll write (when I'm done with the current novel). It made me feel like riding horseback at breakneck speed with my woolen cloak waving wildly behind me and slapping on the horse's rump and bardings, standing in the stirrups and gripping the rawhide reins in my fists until my knuckles turn white. The galloping hoofbeats of my destrier beneath me, his legs splashing through murky puddles of the unpaved road beneath him, the evergreen trees a blurring wall of vegetation and foliage on either side of us. Of freedom and wilderness and adventure and danger. And mountain peaks and valleys that stretched into forever and soaring eagles and so much more. I'm a sucker for violins/fiddles, Irish/Scottish/Celtic/Gaelic/Norse music, and epics of every kind. This song has all of it--It was love at first hear.
So, even if you don't feel the same, know that this is how I feel. 
Here is "Fate Has Smiled Upon Us."

I've got more where this came from. 

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  1. Fun, cute outfit!


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