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Friday, January 3, 2014

Bustier & Blue Lips

Very recently I got a Chictopia and LookBook account (you can find links via the sidebar to the right)
and I've been filching through other fashionista's styles to give me some inspiration.
You don't really have to watch me on either of those websites, in all honesty. They'll just be backup advertisement sites to promote this blog.

This bustier was something I bought at a thrift store a long time ago. I told myself I wouldn't buy anything besides what I came for and walked by this on a rack and had to walk backwards to do a double take.
It was my very first bustier and I didn't know they existed until then. I was incredibly lucky to find this in my size, because if my torso had been a half a size larger or my waist a half an inch thicker, or if my breasts were even a size larger, this thing would not have fit.

I figure I'd change up my poses, to make up for not not having interesting backgrounds.

The song I chose today was something I was recommended to some years ago by a phenomenal artist on Below is a sample of her sketches. 

The song is called "Blue Lips," by Regina Spektor, a Russian Jew whose music is considered anti-folk. I only remember that she's Jewish because I'm Jewish and it's always cool to meet other Jews, since I'm messianic and also distinctly uncultured, ergo don't go to New York holiday celebrations or synagogues or sing my prayers. 
Anyway, here's one pretty song by one pretty lady. Pretty pale, too, if you ask me. But I guess we can't all be olive skinned mixed drinks of every minority on the planet, eh?

Hope you guys enjoy the music. 

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