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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bowler Hat & Lisa Hannagin

I adore this new bowler hat of mine, but honestly, it refuses to stay on my head on account of my huge hair.

I normally don't wear this skirt with heels higher than two inches because it's so short. But today I decided to take a gamble, and with my trusty bold-colored tights at the ready.
I chose Lisa Hannagin, as the title likely reveals, who is an Irish singer and songwriter who originally started out with Damien Rice's band. And I say good for you, girlfriend, because Damien Rice sort of sucks balls.
Here's "I Don't Know," a quirky, nonsensical song you are well within your rights to dissapprove of. 
But this is my blog, not yours, so...

thanks for suffering through my drabbles.

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