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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Black, White, Mr. Brightside, & The Cure

This outfit has no story. Only that I like vests, these white shorts are dispicably unflattering, and these heels are great when my feet aren't in them. 

I wore this outfit on a Friday, and I was listening to the radio as I cleaned myself up in my rudimentary recovery routine (ooh consonance)  from sleep, when The Cure came on with "Friday, I'm In Love," and I just felt great listening to it. So naturally, I wanted to feature that song. But then I was driving to class and The Killers came on with "Mr. Brightside," and both songs are just so great and fit my mood so nicely, so I've decided to let Jesus take the wheel and feature them both.

The Killers is a mainstream band, so I'm going to take that at face value and assume I don't need to say any more. 
"Mr. Brightside."

On the other hand, The Cure's "Friday, I'm In Love," is not as well known, since it is a 90's song by a 70's band. I'm sure we've all heard this song on a long enough timeline, but I feel compelled to feature it all the same. If you think this song is stupid, well, it probably thinks you're stupid too. 
"Friday, I'm In Love."

Alrighty then, folks. Hope my drabbles entertain you.

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