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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Black Dress & Swim

Sorry about the hair. I had just finished swimming and wanted my hair to dry like this because if it dries while it's down, it's just huge and uncontrollable.

Normally I don't regail you guys on the timeline of my day, but I'm compelled to say that today hasn't been the best ever. It wasn't a rotten day, but I must admit it didn't start out so great. Someone very close to me said something casually tactless, and it didn't depress me but it certainly sobered me. It wasn't a big deal, what they said, but it could have remained unsaid. I didn't throw a fit, but it set the downward course for my day. Also, things got in the way of my plans to exercise. I mean, I did work out, but my routine was hamstrung by complications. But in lighter news, I met some funny people, got off my writer's block, had Chinese food, and didn't get too nervous when I had to speak before an audience today. Plus, I really liked this oufit.

Little to be said for this outfit. Black on black, simple and grunge. 

Let's just cut to the chase and talk about music. 

There were many candidates jonesing for today. But there can only be one. *Highlander reference.*
Short clip to bring you up to speed. 

That was a great waste of time. 
I chose Madonna for today. It was either her or Sarah McLachlan, but again, only one can prevail. I really can't see why anyone hasn't at least heard her name, so I'm not going to give you any backstory on her.
Madonna has many great tunes, but the one I'm featuring is "Swim."
Slightly graphic lyrics, but nothing to be alarmed of. Just a disclaimer.


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