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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Backward in Time & Adia

Before I started this blog, I wore an outfit my friend laughed at. She told me it was because I was wearing polkadotted vintage pumps, a jean mini skirt, a floral, vintage top that an old woman might wear, and my hair was in an updo like an older woman. She told me I looked like an old lady trying to pass as a high schooler because she's a spy, like 21 Jump Street or something. And I guess, with the mix of retro vintage and contemporary mainstream-prep, she was right on the money.

This peter-pan collared dress was only twelve bucks. Oh yeah. Be jealous.
These shoes are badass, and their badassery is not diminished in any fashion (no pun intended) by how they clash with the outfit. The stockings are DIY's I wore first in an earlier post (sample below).

I'm wearing my reading glasses, btw. Just thought it would add some spice to the outfit.

My morning didn't start out so great. My mom said a few things to me best left unsaid. Afterward, I listened to Sarah McLachlan's "Adia" and it set my day's mood. So I've been forlorn and pensive all day, but I'm forced to admit my day's been pretty okay. I'll be done with my pity-party--here's "Adia."

My morning started bad, but I didn't let it pervade my whole day.
Don't ever let hurtful words dampen your day. Even if they come from the people you wish wouldn't say those words, because they're the people you try the hardest to impress.
No, especially when it's them.

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