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Monday, December 30, 2013

Smock Dress & Not In Love

I bought this when I was fourteen. Since then, I've never failed to wear it with shorts or an underskirt.
Not that this smock dress is so short, but it would just be a pain to have to monitor myself all day to be sure my skirt doesn't hitch up. Besides, I wear stockings with all my dresses and stockings cling to the cotton of this dress more than bare skin does.

Stockings/tights are always better, by the way. Always.
1) They make your legs seem sleeker. Solid-colored or sheer, whatever, they cover up blemishes and imperfections and make almost anyone's legs look sexy. Unless you have perfect legs, which most of us don't. For me, my uber-prominent hair follicles make my legs look freckled. Red freckles.

2) You can justify almost any sleazy dress by wearing stockings/tights. I mean, come on, what can they say about you? Look at that skank, wearing her minidress and those ridiculous nine-inch slut heels and those stockings. Just sayin'.

3) It's a wonderful cover up in case you forgot to shave your legs.
You: Oh, damn it! UGH I didn't shave my legs/missed a huge spot!
Tights: Don't worry, I'm here to save the day!
You: Thanks, tights! I'm sure glad I bought you!
   You            Your tights

    You and your tights can be friends, too.

Do you really want to look like her? I mean, she sure looks content, but...

4) Don't you ever feel naked? Like the warm breeze running up your legs is like a roving hand? Or afraid to go up the stairs because every guy two steps or more behind you can see the color of your panties? Or... maybe you want that. But if you don't, then wear stockings--they come in any skin color, and even non-skin colors.

See these two models? Both of them are going up stairs, unaware of the fact that we can see right up their skirts (hypothetically, I mean. Obviously they know what pic the camera is taking) It can be avoided or at least remedied with tights.

I decided to take pictures of this smock without wearing anything (besides tights) beneath it.

Today's music is gonna be vigorous. It has to be, I'm in too good a mood to play anything dreary.
Something upbeat and crazy. Or just upbeat and catchy.
Okay, I couldn't find anything particularly upbeat. But I found Crystal Castles, and that's just as good.

Here's a song that I based one of my short stories after. And here's a fanmade video by NaNaLew and company on youtube.

hope you enjoyed the techno. Oh, oh and the smock too. 

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