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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ruffle Lace Dress & Girl With One Eye

I plan on wearing this dress again, but with very different accessories. Count on it.

My camera died right about here. And I also ran out of poses that didn't make me look like a poseur. 

Today's song is by Florence + The Machine. Below is the lead singer. And yes, that's her real hair.
They're an English indie rock band that features neo-soul, acapella singing, and baroque style.
The team consists of Florence Welch as the singer, Isabella "The Machine" Summers as the lyricist, songwriter, and remixer, and a collab of other artists. They're music changes a lot, which by my estimation is because of the constant come and go of their collaboration partners.
I know many people have heard "Dog Days Are Over," and seem to forget that this band has many other incredible songs. I know this though, which is partly why I had a problem choosing which song by this band to present. I decided on "Girl With One Eye," a cover they did from the original by The Ludes. It's a seductive allegory whose lyrics are borderline bisexual. If you don't get that, listen to the lyrics and you will.

Ladies and gents.


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