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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Major Modifications (You Should Read This. Or Not, I Can't Make You)

Background update (as you can tell)

Just need to point out that ever since The Incredibles, I always say "major modifications" in Syndrom's voice.

I actually wanted to talk about updating my blog in general. First, I want to explain something: this is literally my very first blog, and so far it's turned out to be more frustrating, fun, and time-consuming than I'd originally anticipated. As I meet other bloggers and study their methods of advertisement, I get new ideas, things I'd like to apply to this blog to make it more interesting for my followers and satisfying for myself as well.
The main issue, however, is that right now in my life I happen to be going through a hard transition from one lifestyle to the next, and I don't expect to come out on the other side for another month or two, maybe longer. That being said, here's what to expect to change on my blog (hopefully in the near-near future)

About Page. I'm going to create one and take down the classification tabs beneath the blog title and description. Sorry, they're not serving much purpose and an About Page is more useful.

Banner. I hope to get the time and inspiration to create one worthy of my blog so I can advertise my website more effectively.

Background. I've come to understand that background in pictures and photo mastery is everything. I lack photo mastery, but once I get over this dismal patch in my life, expect more variety in backgrounds. I'm actually seriously considering making a little studio for this blog (and Chictopia, of course)

Picture Retakes. I've gone back over old posts and considered things I could have added/taken away from an outfit. I fully intend to retake a few pictures, and maybe put on makeup in the future so my bland, naked face doesn't scare you away anymore.

Picture Per Post. The number is going to go down. I keep telling myself I can have as many pics as I want, but I'm starting to think so many for one outfit isn't necessary.

Updates. I expect these to be less frequent. I'm learning guitar and motorcycling, studying for a major test I have in January, exercising (as always), going to get a job soon, and as I said, I'm going through a rocky piece in my timeline at the moment. Busy busy busy. Bare with me?

And that's it. These things won't change overnight. My overall content will not change (well, it's always changing, so rather it's not going to stay the same (?)) and the music will stay hipstery.
Oh snap. A hipster admitted to being a hipster.
Did hell just freeze over?

*for the record, I'm not quite a hipser. Their attitudes, wannabe-retro style, and body types are so not my thing.

If you were loyal enough to sit through my drabbles, here's some music for you. If you weren't, well, I can't stop you from listening to it, but you should be ashamed of taking what you haven't earned.
Here's "You're the One That I Want," by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta from Grease.

Soooorry, gaize. I saw Grease recently, so....
later now!


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