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Friday, December 20, 2013

Korean Pleather Pinafore & Duvet

This is a Korean Forever 21 pleather pinafore, which I bought for 20 bucks on ebay.

Oh man, I just realized all this time I've forgotten to capitalize Korea(n) on my blog.
Aw, shucks.

Ahem. Pardon the tear in my stockings. 

These are knit leg warmers from ebay, and they're so snuggly wuggly. 

Heres's the pinafore skirt up close.

These thrifted earrings are... uh, well, earrings. And they're thrifted.
I'm not sure what I was about to say.

You cannot comprehend how long it took me to think of an appropriate song. I wanted something upbeat but (of course, if I can help it) not too mainstream. But AKJHGADGUHASIJF it was hard. I actually wore this outfit, like, three weeks ago. But finally, finally I found a song that worked after surfing on my iPod. 
"Duvet," by BoA Kwon. She's Chinese but her music is Korean, or K-Pop. 

Here's the music.


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