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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Graphic Emo & Loverboy

I bought these pants when I was thirteen. They were too big back then, and they're too big now. But I couldn't resist the graphic vandalized look of them and the unique pockets and the plastic lipstick stain. So I cut them short and decided I'll just wear them as high waist shorts so they don't sag on my rump, and a belt around the waist can remedy sagging in that area.

Here's the front of the graphic tee.
My brother bought it at his graduation from Airforce bootcamp in Texas a few years back. 

These are nail-tapers. Fake ones. But they look like the real thing. 

The band I chose is called You Me At Six. They're a British alternative punk-rock band who won me at "The Dilemma." However, I'll be presenting "Loverboy" instead. I well know this band is quickly becoming popular and ergo mainstream, but I found them when they weren't mainstream, so. 

keep rockin'

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