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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wife Beater Controversy & The Rapture

I think this is the first punk outfit I've worn in a month. You guys should have seen my punk/emo kick in August--I'm pretty sure all I wore was facial piercings, fishnet tights, red lipstick and leather jackets. I think that may have ben my subconscious way of creating a berth for myself--see, classes started up late in August, and I'm always very introverted for the first few weeks. But I just stopped feeling punk after a while and went other venues.

I actually orchestrated this outfit almost two years ago. I try not to wear it too often with all the same accesories.

These shoes are, strangely, extremely uncomfortable. They're my size, but I've had to add cushions and all sorts of shit to them to get them to fit. And still my toes felt squished all day today. At least they stayed on my feet for a change. I'd get rid of them if they weren't so hard to find... but they are. They're like antiques, but not antiques.

The tie was something I saw online and couldn't resist and the high waist skirt is a DIY from forever ago.

Now for the controversy. I'm in JROTC and my teacher, Top, hounded me all day about this outfit. He didn't bother me about the fishnets, he knows better. And when I put this shirt on, I was well aware it shows my black and blue fishnet bra underneath, but this didn't bother Top today, heavens no. Everytime he saw me he used his marine drill sergeant voice and said, "CAMPBELL WHY YOU WEARIN' DAT WIFE BEATAH?" And I tried to explain that Sir, this is not a wife beater. This is a tank top. A wife beater shows a lot more sidedrift (midrift on the side? You know, like, side stomach and side chest and underpit). But he would not accept this explenation and many a time today did I have to cover my shoulders.
This is not a wife beater. I'm sure of it.
Am I right? I mean, this is a wife beater.

I could be wrong.
I dunno, guys. I just don't. Know.

Tanktop/wife beater: thrifted
Guitar tie:
Shoes: Punkrose, 9
Fishnet tights: Wet Seal
Skirt: DIY
Suspenders: Lip Service

I know this photo is random, but I just wanted to take a moment to show off this beautiful scene I stumbled across after school one day.

Alright, I'll move on. I'm uber excited to introduce today's song. I had several songs at the ready, but I wanted to show you this one because it's not popular and because it presents the opportunity for me to open another conversation. They're an indie rock band, who apparently mix genres like 'post-punk, acid house, disco, electronica and rock', and pioneer the post-punk genre.
Guys. IDK WTF post-punk is. All I know is I like this song.
This song is called "Echoes" by The Rapture.

Okay, now, remember two paragraphs ago when I told you I wanted to show you The Rapture so I could open another conversation? Well, here it is.

There's a UK comedy-drama television series called Misfits, about a group of delinquent post-adolescent semi-adults who acquire super powers. The reason I mention it is because Misfits is amazing (in its way) and because "Echoes" is the theme song of Misfits. Here's a short episode I chose from This link should work.

Forwarning? It's very mature. Like, for vulgar humor, cliches, bad effects, extreme sexual explicity, and strong language. But if you're brave enough, old enough, and have no small innocent minds in the room with you, feel free to watch. And don't get on me about pirated videos--this website is totally legal.

Anyway, I actually do have a life, and classes, and if I don't study for my automotives test, I'm going to fail it.
ciao for now

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