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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Red, Black, & Terrible Things

I was inspired by another outfit I saw, and loved the combination of frilly socks and skirt coupled with a very mature blouse. I've needed something new to wear and this fit the bill. But it's amazing how the whole outfit changes when you add certain accessories. Originally, I changed the outfit by wearing on a corset half-vest I DIY'd a few years ago, and then a black collar I cut off of an old black button-down shirt. It was acceptable, but it looked like something out of Vogue.

My idea is to put together eccentric outfits that look reasonable enough to wear in public and stand out without standing out. The way this outfit looked before was unacceptable, in my book. I want to look quirky, not like I stepped off a catwalk. Anyway, I went back to the original design by adding this gold-buckle waist belt and taking off the collar, then adding the wool cloche hat.

 The skirt is actually two skirts, one ruffle mini worn high waist over a black ruffle high waist skirt. Both skirts are adorable, but together, they're something else altogether. With the skirt being high-waist, it adds to the classy look, but the tank top matures the look. I do believe the choice of top had a huge bearing on how the outfit is perceived as a whole. If I'd chosen something red or long sleeved with a collar, the look would have instantly gone vintage and taken away from the maturity of the outfit.

There's my ruffle socks again. The shoes were slingbacks from a thrift store, which I bought for a ball forever ago. Because of the flowers and glitter, they're a little more than casual, and can't be worn casually as a result. But they worked wonderfully for the outfit. And the socks, though the thought of socks with slingbacks sounds dorky, complimented the hat. I hope you'll excuse the shin tape. I've got some bad shin splints.

As a bonus, the outfit was very comfy.

Hat: cloche, black wool, regular
Skirt 1(red): Hot Topic, ruffle Hell Bunny pinup, L
Skirt 2(black): This skirt... has no evidence of a tag...
Socks: Korean ebay
Shoes: Highlights, 8.5

     The music I chose today is by April Smith & The Great Picture Show. I was cutting some onions while watching HBO and this commercial for this new television show came on, and this song was playing and I fell SO IN LOVE. It was like love at first hear. Get it? Instead of sight?
Anyway, the song is called "Terrible Things". 
For some reason, this song makes me think of red and black. Dunno why, it just does. 

I hope this helps broaden your musical horizons. Until next time!

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