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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pinup Punk, Electrasy, & Rammstein

Today I went on to KCC (King Career Center) to tour and get an idea of what fields of education I want to pursue. I'm considering welding, carpentry, and auto repair. They're prestigious, I hear, but they're extremely useful.  And they're free.
Anyway, it was extremely cold here in the heart of Alaska that day. I wasn't about to alter what I wanted to wear because the weather is shit, so I just layered up and pretended my legs weren't still essentially naked.
I wore a pleather jacket, this amazing and extremely warm scarf, a red crop hoodie, and a fur hood vest.  I wouldn't call this survival gear exactly, but my torso was very warm, so.

The ring-bracelet-chain is a DIY from when... god, I must have been twelve. Anyway, it's been a long, long time. 

This ripped tee is, too, a DIY from when I was fourteen. I actually only added the safety pins to the chest because it showed too much cleavage. 

Shin tape again. And fishnets. And combat boots. 

This is a piece of fur I cut from an animal pelt I bought from a peltmaster on ebay. I tied it to my belt loop with rawhide. And the brown thing is a burlap money sack. 

Distressed purple tee: DIY
Coats: thrifted
Shorts: thrifted
Fishnets: Fred Meyer
Red Pelt: ebay, keywords 'fur pelt' 'rabbit fur' 'dyed fur real' 
Combat boots: Madden Girl, 9
Bracelets: DIY'd and thrifted
Chain: Hot Topic
Necklace 1: tattoo choker, korean ebay
Necklace 2: thrifted chain-and-diamond

I had a really hard time choosing music today. I mean, I always do, but today more so than usual. I was torn between Nirvana, Metallica, Drowning Pool, and Flyleaf. But ultimately, I wanted to introduce you to newer artists--or artists that are old, but you didn't know about. Even then, I was conflicted. So lucky you, I chose two songs. 
The first one is called "Cosmic Castaway," by Electrasy. This is a '90's band whose debut was this song, and it was featured in Titan A.E., a 2000 movie that every true '90's kid was exposed to, growing up. 

Titan A.E. is an animated post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure film. A.E. stands for "After Earth." It isn't a kid's movie, but it's not vulgar and the plot is intriguing, so I highly recommend. 

Without further ado, here is "Cosmic Castaway."

The second song is from another '90's band, called Rammstein. This German band's language coupled with their music genre embodies the stereotype of "angry Germans." The first time I heard this song was in xXx (Triple X), a movie starring Vin Diesel. 

I describe it this way because the mention of Vin Diesel's name should be enough to motivate you to see this movie. Forewarning again, this is a grown-up movie. 
The lyrics to the song can be found almost anywhere. 
This song is called "Feuer Frei!"


I hope you're enjoying the change of style and music. I know I am; punk/goth/emo was the very first type of fashion I adopted when I started caring about fashion, sometime in high school. 
Stick around and you might just see my page change format. Just maybe. 


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