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Monday, November 4, 2013

Impromptu Hipster & Paper Kites

I was throwing on some clothes last Sunday so I could do some house cleaning and cooking and other tomfoolery when it occurred to me that this... was a cute outfit. I later added the belt, jewelry, and boots. The look I was going for was urban hipster. It was meant to be casual and organic, and I was going to add a headband, but I didn't want to come off as "hippie" instead. These old high-waist cutoff shorts are mens Levis. They belonged to my brother, and since they were old and fit up to my navel, I altered them. I pretty much wear them nonstop. The blouse is something I thrifted, an American Eagle sweater. Up close it has hints of blue in the green, and little eyelets. It's supposed to fit snugly, but I slept in it a few times and it stretched...
 These are fake tapers I bought on ebay, and a chain-and-cuff earring. They're the best things ever--I wonder why anyone would put holes in their ears when they could just use fake tapers and get the look, then give it up when they want to wear normal earrings later?

 I was having so much fun posing, I just got carried away!

 The red socks would have better suited the outfit if they'd been brown or deep maroon, but I love these, so. And at the moment I'm deprived of brown ankle boots, which would have made the outfit just about perfect, so I settled for some American Eagle ankle boots.
I never know where to stop with bracelets. I love the diversity of them, the clash of colors.

Alright, modelling's over. Time for....*drumroll*

The music I chose for today was a little difficult. I had a few artists in mind, but the one that fit the most for its lighthearted tunes was The Paper Kites. 
 The Paper Kites are an indie folk band originally from Austrailia. Lacey and Sam, two of the band members, had been close friends in high school and always had a love for music. They started out small, like most bands do, playing at karaoke bars and music festivals and the like. I think it's almost comical how they gathered their troupe, because it's like on those movies when they have to find "an elite team" and travel to all these different places to recruit old pals and acquaintances.

I'll share with you the very first song I heard from them, though they have quite a few memorable ones. 

I hope you enjoyed my goofy pictures and The Paper Kites. Have a nice day, everyone!

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