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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Black & The Coconut

These heels are insanely comfortable. I've never worn heels this high (these are at least six inches, plus platform toes), but my feet were absurdly snug. I've always taken it for granted that a higher heel meant more pain, but now I see the error in my thought pattern.

This shirt is sheer. Just thought you should know.

This has been a black week. For my clothes, that is.

Because of my pair shaped body type, I can't find skinny/pencil-ankle jeans that fit my hips snugly as well as my calves. For a girl with my body type, my calves are smaller than normal, so my pants get baggier farther down my leg.


Jeans: thrifted, 11 jrs
Shirt: thrifted, Miley Cyrus line
Heels: thrifted, generic, 10
Vest: thrifted, S

*Brand names will be updated at a later time.

You'll notice that I wear a lot of hand-me-downs and thrifted items. Take a leaf out of my book; the road to passion can be extremely cheap.

The song I chose today was supposed to be mainstream, somewhat upbeat, a little bit gloomy. But alas, I ended up choosing this classic by Harry Nilsson, "Lime in the Coconut."

I'm SO excited for Catching Fire!
Coming out next Friiiiiiday! 
I'm so there.

If any of you see it before me, message me about it and tell me if they got the film right.

~Ashgirl out

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