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Thursday, November 7, 2013

McDonalds Advocate & Freelance Whales

Truth be told, I'm well aware this is a funky outfit. Maybe even childishly funky. But it was a completely new combination of old clothes and I was comfy and warm all day. 

Earlier, I was getting lunch with a friend, whom always makes out-of-the-box comments on my choice of attire. Today, she looked at my outfit while I was paying for my food and she said, "You look like an advertisement from McDonalds. Like, Ronald McDonald's partner." I sort of wanted to smack her, 'cause now I can't think of this combination of yellow and red without laughing. But it was funny and she was right, so I couldn't smack her.

Aaaand there's my red socks again.

Truth be told, I'm actually wearing a romper under the red sweater. And the black collar peeking out around my neck is the collar necklace I told you about in my last post.
Ah, well. We all have secrets, eh?

Unfortunately, I don't feel like checking my tags to give you brand names.
However, I do feel like sharing my eccentric music with you all.

Today's music is from a band called Freelance Whales.

They're considered an indie rock band, whatever that means. The band is not very popular, they're more underground, but so was Imagine Dragons. I felt like  such a hipster when everyone finally heard of Imagine Dragons and had that typical hipster contempt as I said (and still do say) "Radioactive came out years ago. Have you even heard the rest of their songs? They didn't just write one, you know."
Anyhoo, enough prattling.
This song is called "Hannnah."

This song is so silly and weird, when I'm feeling bad I just turn it on and try and sing to it and get tongue tied and laugh at myself and just feel... better. 
I guess that's all for today, folks. Tune in next time!

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