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Friday, November 8, 2013

How Kittens Save the Day & Thirteen-Thirtyfive

I live in Alaska, and recently we were issued PFDs. It was only about nine hundred dollars, but with it I bought a few new additions to my ever-growing wardrobe. One of those additions was a peter-pan collared ASOS dress. At first I felt a little disappointed when I got it in the mail. I can't exactly pinpoint why I felt this way, but the feeling was remedied when I bought these kitten tights. 
                                               Aren't they ADORABLE?

I think in five years I'll facepalm at these pictures, but for now, I simply love them. We can't live all our lives worrying about the future, right?

I actually wore black oxfords with the dress, but I changed it for the picture because in the end I felt the oxfords looked out of place. These combat boots, though, they just work. I wear them with more than half of my outfits.

This is just a little trinket I found at Walmart. In all honesty, I didn't want to wear this. I wanted to wear my Star of David, but I couldn't find it. 

The belt is a DIY. I bought the belt way back, but it was meant to go around the hips. I don't wear these sort of belts on my hips, so I slit the elastic in the back, measured my waist and cut and sewed the belt accordingly. I'm pleased with the results.

                                                                 And now for the music.
I heard this song a long time ago. But when I started thinking about the song's potential meanings, I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. I decided not that time, but a year later I found it again and decided to download it. 
The three theories I have are that the singer is a mother who had a child whom she suffered with, whom she's very protective of, and would do anything and hide them anywhere for them to be safe. The other theory, much less likely, is a romance between her and the child. The last one is that she's talking about herself. That she wishes she could go back in time and protect herself, the younger version of herself, because now she knows what she didn't know then. I feel like many phrases in the song are understood only to her, but sometimes you don't need lyrics to know what feelings a song is trying to show you.
This song is called "Thirteen-Thirtyfive" by Dillon.

I really like this song. I can't say why. But I do.
I hope you like it, too. If not, well, come back later and maybe I'll feature something more your speed.
later, all

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