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Monday, November 18, 2013

Halfbreed Getup & Lake Pontchartrain

This outfit is a mix of quasi-punk elements (the fishnets, the tapers, the combat boots, the suspenders) and conventional elements (the legwarmers, the skirt, the cap, the turtleneck). I really have no single word to define it, so I'm calling it the halfbreed.

I designed this outfit a while back, but recently I've added new accessories that give it a spice. For instance, these handmade, comfy legwarmers. Or the cashmere knit cap. Or possibly the suspenders hanging under the skirt. I was loathe to remove the outfit whence the day was finished, because it was just so darn snug.


This coat is so expensive it's not even funny. But I'm a total Jew and I don't spend serious money on anything if I can help it, so I actually got this for free from a friend. It's real leather, and the design is just fantabulous. It's great for almost an outfit, to look classy and dressed up or for an emo attire.
*the Jew joke is not a joke. I'm Jewish.

 The pins on the collar of the jacket are references to, you guessed it, The Hunger Games mockingjay and a Game of Thrones Hand of the King pin. For the record, the books were amazing. I mean, more amazing than their televised counterparts.

 There's my winged key necklace again.

 These legwarmers are hand made and so warm.
The craftsmanship is impeccable.

 I'm sure you enjoy boobs as much as the next person. So here's a sideboob.

Pins: korean ebay
Sweater/turtleneck: Calvin Klein
Suspenders: Hot Topic
Fishnets: Fred Meyer
Duster/long jacket: Jennyfers J., S
Combat boots: Madden Girl, 9
Necklace: Walmart
Beanie/knit cap: thrifted
Legwarmers: handmade, korean ebay

My music today was hard to choose. I'm starting to make a habit of saying that, but it's no less true. I don't want to spoil you all by featuring two songs every post, so I only wanted to settle on one. My decision was with an underground band who won my heart with the very song I'm about to show you. The band is called Ludo.

If you know them already, you have my respect. For those of you who have never heard of Ludo, well, you gonna learn today. (Kevin Hart reference)
They're a U.S. alternative rock band who are very unique in their lyrics. I suppose the only way to explain their lyrics is that they're descriptive with grossly emo imagery, and revolve around goth/emo elements. Don't let my poor description turn you off, though. Just try them out.
This song I'm featuring by them is by no stretch their best song, but it's an engaging song.

Ladies and gents, "Lake Pontchartrain."

Hope you enjoyed.
Mentioning Kevin Hart earlier made me want to share some of my favorite comedians with you.
Some of you may not care, and if so, skip this paragraph.
Anyway, these comedians are not always appropriate, but they're always funny if you've an open mind.
From order (in personal opinion) of my perception of hilarity:
Dane Cook
Louis C.K.
Jeff Dunham
Gabriel Iglasias
Christopher Titus
Kevin Hart

And while I'm digressing, why the hell not add a video?
Dane Cook, "Athiest Sneeze"

My all time fave is Dane. Dane4life, yo. But some of the others sometimes aren't funny, or are difficult to understand if you don't have a seasoned experience in life or an educational background in history or economy. (ex, Chris Titus)

Now that I've distracted you from your duties, you are free to leave. I'm much obliged by your sacrifice.


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