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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bundled Down & Gerygone

     I've been wanting to wear this outfit for a long time.
     The dress is a thrift-store buy from a while back, but when I took it home I realized it showed too much cleavage and was too short, so I wore a white high-waist skirt under the dress as a petticoat.

The blouse was the troublesome part--I went to my local thrift store several times in search of a sleeveless button-down that cost no more than 6 dollars and was a size XS for my small bust and torso. Unfortunately, these standards were strict enough that it took me three weeks to acquire this blouse. But there it is, and for a steal! It just happened to be blue, but any color would have worked, preferably white. I adore the pattern, though, with white flower silhouettes. Then I picked a comfy green knit sweater, because I like knit sweaters. The overall getup fits the weather well, since its getting ready to snow out here in Alaska. The combination of layers doesn't compliment my figure much, but not every dress has to show off my curves.

 The belt around my waist was an appropriate addition, I think.

The last part was the shoes--I wasn't sure if oxfords would have been better, or some brown boots, or mid-heels, but I settled for these.
They're blue, for the record.

  I didn't go overboard on the hair or jewelry, and the outfit's extravagance diminished the need for dolled-up hair. I really like this necklace. I bought it at a yard sale years ago. It has filigree around the heart, and the likeness of a naked fairy with wings in the middle.

Blouse: Eddie Bauer, est. 1920 petite XS
Petticoat skirt: George, M
Dress: Forever21, M
Sweater: Energy, M
Shoes: No?Question, 8.5

     And now for the music!
     Today I'm in the mood for Gerygone & Twig.

     Gerygone & Twig is a local Wasilla, AK indie folk band of recently-graduated high schoolers. They are immensely talented and though I've only befriended one of them personally, I think it's safe to assume they're all kind, open-minded, and jovial. I've heard them live at the Jitters in Eagle River, and I've got to say they sound just as good live as in their little studio. Listen to and download their lulling tunes at their website on bandcamp, below

Find them on facebook as well, below

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Good day to all

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